Introduction website Legal Accountability

Legal Accountability moves for years in the field of compliance and the (criminal and other) consequences of non-compliance with laws and regulations.
The usual advisory work focuses mainly on concrete situations in which companies and Governments powers within their possibilities and want to look into the legal framework and widen.

In addition, it appears there is an increasing need to exist in order to exchange experiences and ideas between different disciplines. This need the new website of Legal Accountability.
This is Legal Accountability of a consulting firm into a knowledge-based platform. Would you like to participate in the discussions and activities of Legal Accountabilty, then sign up.

The first 1000 participants to the platform will receive a special bonus: a free share Legal Accountability.

Why a share?

To start to realize this knowledge platform in an equity offering prepared. Here you can specify how many shares we can book for you Legal Accountability.

The price for a share Legal Accountability is fixed at € 15,--per share.

Your contribution?

You can within the knowledge platform contribute in different ways.

Knowledge Square

First, you can react on the knowledge square on the loaded items. The combination of articles and comments in the course of time will give a broader insight into the dynamics of compliance.

By combining stories from different angles will be a broader impact in the compliance knowledge platform-thinking, both within and outside the legal world can bring to weighing.

Would you like myself once as guest blogger an article places, let that especially know via the contact form.



You can take part in the activities that the knowledge platform offers.

The activities are currently in preparation.