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Legal Accountability

The focus of Legal Accountability is complying withbylegal rules by companies and organisations.

Compliance with legal rules is also called called compliance.

Compliance is a topic that extends far beyond the
accordance with the law. In adherence to rules comes to it more than once on common sense and finding practical solutions.

The right generally to what needs to be observed. On the question of how you decorate it then have to comply with other disciplines interesting answers.

Legal Accountability is on the market for a long time has moved as consulting firm. That has resulted in beautiful experiences where new knowledge is developed on the cutting edge of the law and other disciplines.

Legal Accountability from 1 August 2014 a new course.

Legal Accountability is from that date a knowledge platform within which the Exchange and dissemination of experience and knowledge are central.

When you have ideas about and experience with compliance in the broadest sense, Legal Accountability's website offers you the possibility to those ideas and share experiences. In the legal world and beyond.

Participation in the knowledge platform is free of charge.

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